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Oshun Labs is an independent innovation lab working at the intersection of women's health, tech and sustainability. 


We develop new research, products and services to empower women through better health and wellness.


We believe in the power of creativity and collaboration, for a healthy, equitable and sustainable future.


What We Do

Women’s Health Innovation

We generate and test novel ideas, nurturing them through research and development to create pioneering new products and services.


Our approach is multi-disciplinary, delivering scientific, technological and systems innovation with a strong focus on environmental impact.


From health and biotech to materials and design, we leverage the latest technology and cross-sector expertise to improve health and wellbeing for people and the planet. 


Sustainable FemTech Network

The Sustainable Femtech Network is a global hub for forward-thinking founders, companies, researchers, designers and investors in the FemTech and women's health space. Our goal is to support the FemTech sector in growing an innovative, sustainable and circular economy.  


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Who We Work With

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our wide-ranging networks enable us to connect the dots, draw on the latest research and bring together the best specialists and teams for expert-led innovation. We work with:

  • Industry partners across a range of sectors

  • Universities and research institutions

  • Healthcare networks and providers

  • Environmental organisations

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5-7 Buck Street

London NW1 8NJ

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